World-changing community that aspire to lead the drive of an enlightened civilization; expanding the use of CBD in Asia.

We are here to help. We are Grassyard.

Our experienced team handpicked revolutionary CBD brands and products for all of your needs.

Grassyard is a world-changing community that aspire to lead the drive of an enlightened civilisation; expanding the use of CBD in Asia.

By building the most forward-thinking and unorthodox experience, we present to all wholesome individuals a well-rounded experience.

Unlocks the power of CBD to relieve aches and pains, reduce stress, increase focus, enhance sleep, and improve general well-being. #BringBalanceToYourLife

our aim

Wellness is personal, so are we!

Wellness is highly personal and very dynamic. Throughout life we meet obstacles, keeping us from living life to the fullest. Our ambition is to help you overcome some of those obstacles.

our identity

Behind Grassyard

We have set out on a mission to become the go to destination for wellness. Many speak of wellness as this static state that we are all trying to get to, but we see it quite differently.

Hiker at gigantic Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland

Slide A UNIQUE MISSION A UNIQUE VALUE People-Centric Shopping, We strive to educate about and give access to the best products from around the world, in a helpful and memorable manner - in-store and online. What we believe We are obsessed about giving a personal service and determined to offer the best products. We want to be able to support you, so no matter what your question is we are always here to help. All our brands are curated by our panel of experts, vetting their products efficacy, sustainability and their business ethics. We strive to find the most innovative brands out there and bring them to you. Our Brands We are planning so much more ahead.