CBD For Pet soothing formula 700mg


an premium CBD Oil For Pet that is extracted using a solvent-free supercritical CO2 method. It has no known contraindications and has no known negative side effects.

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Capacity: 30 ml
Concentration of CBD : 700mg
Dosage per dose: 0.25ml (15drops)
CBD per dose: 5.83mg
Available times: 120 times
Ingredients: CBD, Coconut Oil (MCT), Plant-Derived Terpenes(Linalool, Humulene)
Country of origin: USA


Suggested Use:

Put directly in pet’s mouth or mix in food once a day.


<10lbs = 5 drops (1.2mg)
10-20lbs = 10 drops (2.4mg)

20-30lbs = 0.25ml (5.8mg)
30-40lbs = 0.5ml (11.7mg)

>40lbs = 0.75ml (17.5mg)


Olanda International

Olanda International was founded with a vision to help urban people to regain their health by promoting a series of herbal remedies. Hong Kong is world known as a fast-paced city, people usually lead a busy life with stress and other living concerns where there are little ways to ease physical and mental stress. We strive to promote and popularize the medicinal use of plants as it has been long used by our ancestors as an effective way of healing. Now with the aid of the advancement of modern technology in combination with herbal knowledge, we can offer a greater range of natural remedies to our customers - such as CBD.
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