OTO CBD Bitters


Amplify tonics, juices and cocktails with OTO optimum-strength CBD bitters.

2500MG CBD. 100ml.

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Using the power of CBD, the non-alcoholic OTO CBD bitters have been designed to amplify tonics, juices and cocktails, helping to enhance social experiences and improve overall wellbeing. Optimum-strength CBD, cultivated from organically grown hemp plants, has been combined with a bespoke range of botanicals with antioxidant properties, carefully selected to complement the effects of CBD to help with stress and anxiety and promote calmness and contentment. The resulting flavour profile is herbaceous, citrus and with a hint of floral. OTO CBD Bitters can be infused to enhance cocktails or as a functional and flavourful alternative to alcohol.













This product contains 0% THC




Our mission is to help people discover the power of CBD through thoughtful and effective products that easily and enjoyably fit into their daily lives. We aim to create the world’s finest CBD experiences with optimum levels of CBD. Through our unique curation process, we source the highest quality essential oils, scents and flavours from around the globe, blending them with pure CBD. Every step of our design process is taken with care, and uncompromising attention to detail.


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