Pick by your health needs

Whether it’s depression, pain or sleep that ails you, find the products that will have you feeling your best.

Sleep & Relaxation

The insufficient sleep dilemma is prevalent across various age groups worldwide, more than a third of the citizens in HK sleep for less than 6 hours a day. Sleep-deprived individuals are in risk of developing both mental and physical diseases. We acknowledge the importance of sleep quality maintenance and have curated an exclusive line of products and workshops that can help you improve sleeping time and day-time alike. With the help of some of our professional experts, we’ve hand-picked some of the highest quality and scientifically proven supplements.

Energy & Focus

Energy and focus go hand-in-hand, as your energy levels usually impact your level of focus. At Grassyard, we wanted to make sure we had the right products available for those who need a boost of energy.  We put together a collection of Energy & Focus supplements, for you to take whenever you feel like you need an extra boost to be your best, no matter what life throws at you.

Stress Relief

Everyone has to deal with daily stressful situations, which is why we found it important we made it one of our seven pillars of health. Whether it’s mild or acute, we often have to face stressful situations, when we want to make this easier for you.


Tension and soreness in the body can be a direct result of physical exercise, lack of exercise or many other physical and mental sources. Initial aches and tension can easily transform into long-lasting discomforts and problems. Our current lifestyle with pollution, stress and poor diet has caused an epidemic of low-grade chronic inflammation across the globe, leading to mental and physical problems. The science is clear, discomforts have both a physical and emotional components. Relief is something many people can relate to.

Skin & Beauty

Beauty is about feeling good from the inside out, and we totally understand that. We went on the hunt for some of the best skincare products and the best beauty supplements, for you to see and feel the difference but also to feel it. Our aim is to have one place with the best skincare and beauty products and supplements in the Hong Kong.

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