Cubed Soothing Body Oil (In-store only)


濕疹、牛皮癬及類固醇戒斷專用,針對身體 、頭皮問題肌膚


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Cubed Soothing Body Oil (700mg 20ml)



護理油的質地透薄、滲透力高,能即時深入肌膚底層,塗抹完能感到皮膚變得滋潤和柔軟。長期使用能幫助強化皮膚底層屏障,改善濕疹皮膚的整體膚質。配合「Cubed 低敏舒緩濕疹潤膚霜」日常使用,會有更佳效果。


  • 痕癢、泛紅、甩皮、紅腫、紅疹、滲水、乾燥


  • 減少暗瘡印、斑點及色素沉澱 減少和防止皺紋出現,回復細緻無瑕肌膚 促進膠原增生,提升肌膚彈性,對抗初老肌 改善膚質,提亮膚色,使膚色均勻有光澤
  • 針對滲水患處,加快傷口癒合速度
  • 迅速舒緩痕癢,改善紅腫問題
  • 改善皮膚發炎、紅疹問題
  • 滋潤底層皮膚、修復受損細胞


  1. 清潔身體後,塗抹皮膚乾燥部位。
  2. 想有更佳的效果,可配合Cubed 低敏舒緩濕疹潤膚霜使用,達到深層滋潤
  3. 想有更佳的效果,可每天使用3次,或根據需要增加使用次數。



Our Philosophy

Cubed strives to provide effective, reliable and affordable natural skincare products that are formulated specifically for sensitive and problematic skins. Together with our CBD drops that help you to purse a peaceful moment for yourself, we hope to provide all-round care to take care of every one of you physically and mentally.

Real Stories, Real Results We believe comments and reviews with before-and-after photos from our customers show the real progress and the effectiveness of our products. We hope those results will be the encouragement to all others who suffer from similar conditions. We therefore promise to deliver only the best to our customers and let their true stories to spread the word for us.

We therefore promise to deliver only the best customers and encourage each of them to share the real experience and real progress with us. We believe the true stories will help us to spread the word.

Our Promise

Cubed products are THC-free, alcohol-free, and steroid-free. All products are made with USA grown and harvested hemp; manufactured in an FDA registered lab in USA; and thoroughly tested by SGS & Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) lab. Product safety is ensured and only those with best quality will be delivered.


天然大麻籽,活性萃取物 700mg



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